January 24, 2024

The Best Brookie Pie Recipe (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

The best healthy brookie pie recipe, a cross between a cookie and a brownie that will change your life and cravings for good.

Sometimes I can be a little indecisive. It’s never really about the big decisions I make in my life, but generally the smaller ones that I probably don’t need to ask twelve people about, but I do anyway. What should I eat for breakfast? Should I wear my denim jacket? Or my blazer? Should I make a cookie or a brownie?

That last one though…that’s a question I ask myself a lot, so I finally decided I was done choosing. It is exhausting. I was just simply done with making a decision between one or the other. Why can’t I have both?

…And then I basically laughed at myself because I, in fact, write these recipes. So yes. I can! And by default…now so can you!

Enter: the best Brookie Pie. I’ll preface this by saying it’s addicting, and you have been warned.

My brookie pie recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. The bottom layer is a rich, cacao brownie while the top is essentially a version of mu OG Cookie Pie. Both layers of this healthy brookie pie use my favorite grain-free flour, almond flour, and are sweetened with just a touch of coconut sugar. You can also make this vegan by subbing out each egg for 2 flax eggs each (2 tbsp ground flaxseed mixed with 5 tbsp warm water, set aside to thicken) so there’s truly an option for everyone. Also, if you don’t have cacao powder, cocoa works here too.
The texture of this Brookie Pie is fudgey and chewy on the inside, yet perfectly crisp and golden on the outside. It’s not too sweet, and I could honestly go on forever about how much of a crowd pleaser this is. Can you believe, you never have to choose between a brownie and a cookie ever again! Solving important problems over here, you know?

best brookie recipe

This brookie pie is the perfect dessert for celebrations (that includes celebrating the fact that you got out of bed this morning to make it), paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, or just straight up with a spoon and your friends. Enjoy this and when you make it, tag me on Instagram at #DADAEATSBROOKIEPIE and @DADAEATS so I can see your creations!