January 24, 2024

Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf Cake (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free)

In my quest for the perfect banana bread, this time I set out to do something a little different. I wanted to create a banana bread with a bakery style, cakey texture that makes you feel like you were eating something a lot more decadent than just a slice of banana bread
Enter the solution to every problem you didn’t even know you had yet: My Banana Loaf Cake.

It accomplishes it all. It’s fluffy and moist (sorry, I know) without being heavy, and has the perfect amount of chocolate chips to complement the banana. Not to mention its gluten-free, dairy-free, and has no refined sugar. It’s sweetened with just a bit of maple syrup and pulls most of its delicious sweetness from the ripe bananas.

I can’t fully express the joy I feel toward and about this loaf cake. I want it to be a staple baked good in your household, because it definitely has become one in mine. This is the type of recipe you’ll bring over to a dinner party, a potluck, or make on a Sunday morning when you have a couple bananas sitting on your counter. I want you to eat a slice of this banana loaf cake and feel that warm, nostalgic, cozy feeling of going to your favorite cafe and grabbing a cup of coffee and a slice of banana bread to go. That’s how I feel every time I enjoy it – except it will be in the comfort of your own home!

I love to eat this loaf by itself, or with some almond butter, cinnamon and strawberries!

I hope you enjoy this banana loaf cake and as always, tag me @DADAEATS and #DADAEATS on Instagram so I can see & share your creations!!