January 24, 2024

Chocolate Chip Tahini Cake (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, & with a Vegan Option) — as featured on the TODAY Show

topped with a Vegan Chocolate Frosting

You all know that I could never choose a favorite recipe. I love all of them like my little recipe children so when confronted with the mere thought of picking one that I love the most? Impossible.

…but let me just say. One thing. This one is up there. Way up there. And I am just going to leave it at that.

If you’re familiar with myself or my recipes at all, you’re probably aware of a few things. For one, I love chocolate. Another, I love creating baked goods that are sweet, but not too sweet, fluffy and light, crisp on the outside and slightly fudgey on the inside. But most of all, you know that I am obsessed with using real ingredients to create really indulgent, yet still healthy, sweets.

I couldn’t think of a better example for all of this than my Chocolate Chip Tahini Cake. It’s slightly underbaked on the inside, golden and crisp on the outside. Filled with chocolate chips and then topped with a vegan chocolate frosting, you would not even believe that this cake uses no butter and no oil. The blend of almond and coconut flour makes it a completely gluten-free and grain-free as well. The original recipe calls for eggs but if you are intolerant or vegan, I’ve got you covered with an egg-free option as well.

One of my favorite things to do is use tahini in sweet recipes. If you are unfamiliar with what tahini is, it is essentially hulled sesame seeds that are ground into a paste. The consistency of tahini is similar to that of a creamy almond butter or a peanut butter – and you’re probably used to eating it in savory recipes like hummus or topping on roasted vegetables. But I love using it in desserts because it is the perfect ingredient to undercut the sugar and balance out the chocolate. And nope — it isn’t an overpowering taste at all! Even people who don’t like tahini have told me they love this recipe.

I made this recipe on the TODAY Show on 1/16 and had the absolute best time!! I love seeing how many of you have made this already. And I can’t wait to see more.

If you do make this recipe, tag me on Instagram @DADAEATS and use the #DADAEATSTAHINICAKE so I can see all of your creations!!