January 24, 2024

Easy No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

The best vegan cheesecake – that’s also a no-bake recipe!

I always aim for transparency with DADAEATS, both on this site and on my Instagram where of course, DADAEATS was born. But if I tell you what I’m about to tell you, I’m worried that you won’t believe me. Let me start by showing you this photo:

This vegan cheesecake recipe is also no-bake and gluten-free. One taste and you may call me a liar.

Why? Well, because it’s true. This cheesecake recipe is raw, vegan, and gluten-free. But it definitely doesn’t taste that way. Trust me!

Here’s the thing: the raw cashews, coconut milk, and vanilla that make up the “cheese” part of the cheesecake has a texture to rival the OG. And the base of the crust is made with raw almonds and medjool dates, giving it a deliciously chewy and crunchy texture. Did I mention it’s also a no-bake dessert? It’s a no-bake dessert. Well, now you know.

Every time I develop a recipe, I take it to people who wouldn’t otherwise eat these types of “healthified” desserts, and see what their reaction is. There is no better candidate to do this than my dad.

He literally rolls his eyes at anything that is prefaced with any word resembling “vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free” etc.. And honestly, he’s probably not alone! A lot of people think that when you take certain aspects away from a dish and add these labels, that it somehow strips the taste as well. But don’t believe this myth! It’s not true! Real food alternatives can be just as (if not more…in my humble opinion) tasty than the so-called “original.”

Back to my dad. Hey Dad! Shout out to you. He loves cheesecake and was in town this week, so I thought he would be the perfect candidate to taste my new recipe.

And guess what? He loved it. I think I’ve cracked him. But truly, the cashews create this insane creamy texture, and the coconut milk is so subtle you can barely taste it. The raw crust is chewy and textured from the dates and almonds. It’s just sweet enough but not too overwhelming. But most importantly! It is made out of all real, whole ingredients that you can feel good about eating.

And that’s why I’m so excited about this vegan cheesecake recipe!! I love creating decadent recipes with wholesome ingredients. When you know exactly what you’re putting into your body, you feel amazing!

I love eating this cheesecake with fresh sliced strawberries. Serve it up and impress your friends!!